Thursday, July 7, 2011

BYS Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Ocean Green

I just happen to buy this the other day so that I could try the BYS range and to add another color to my eye pencil collection. This is my first for BYS cosmetics. I have heard good things about BYS products, but this particular product definitely did not work for me. I have not tried anything else except the eyeliner pencil as of yet.

This is hardly pigmented and smudges easily. This should probably work well for a smokey look, to add a pop of color. In the pic above, I had to reapply it several times to show the color it is supposed to be (but still it is not as pigmented as I would have wanted it to be). The quality is still okay for the price, it is definitely not a dry application like some eyeliners. I also like the color but don't think I would be repurchasing BYS eye pencils, but will try out their other products.

This retails for AUD 4.50. BYS is an Australian brand known to provide good value for money cosmetics. They are sold in selected stores and also online on Fashion addict 

Which is your favorite BYS product ? 


  1. This brand I think is not available in India - but that is a such a vibrant blue :)

  2. @tanveer: check out the link below if it helps, it shows the international distributors, they have one in India ..


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