Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Face Brush Trio !

In today's post, I am sharing my current favourite brushes for base makeup. 

I love almost all Real Techniques brushes I own and they play a major part in my daily makeup routine. But, it was not until recently that I started using the Coastal Scents 110 brush for foundation, which I absolutely love !

Coastal Scents 110 Brush - I have been using this for my foundation. I love how this brush moves and blends the foundation with ease. This is less dense and less tightly packed as compared to Sigma F82, F84 (other similar brushes I own), which is the WOW factor for me. This allows for a more natural and buffed in finish.

Real Techniques Multi Task Brush - I use this for powder and I love that this just picks the perfect amount. I also use this brush to blend my blush. 

Real Techniques Setting Brush - I use this for blending my concealer for under eyes and also setting my concealer with powder. 

Which brushes have you been loving recently ? What are your must have brushes ?


  1. Currently I am loving Real Techniques Multi Task Brush :) Good post dear

    1. Thank you :) Real Techniques is a fab brand :)


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