Thursday, November 6, 2014

Review Dove Refresh + Care Volume Dry Shampoo

I will be completely honest and start by saying that I had huge expectations of this dry shampoo especially after hearing so much about it. I was expecting it to be a magic spray, and the answer to all bad hair day situations. 

Lets see how it fares. 

I am reviewing it based on certain points, that I look for in a dry shampoo.

Color - It comes out clear mostly, but sometimes leaves a white cast which goes away on rubbing or brushing your hair. 
Volume - Gives reasonable volume and lift to the hair. I use it on my second day hair and sometimes even third day hair.

Oil Absorption - Does a good job at absorbing oil from hair. 

Powdery Residue - Feels light on the hair and and doesn't give much of a powdery feeling or residue. Hair doesn't feel loaded with product.

Texture - Gives bit of a textured finish to the hair, which I don't really like, I don't like when my hair doesn't feel like my hair (but that's just me). For those of you who style your hair will probably enjoy this ..

Smell - Has a nice but strong  smell. 

Overall its a good drugstore shampoo for the price. Nothing life changing, but definitely worth trying. Its not available in Australia yet, but in US, its retails for ~ 5 dollars. 


  1. Why does Dove cater the good things only outside India? :(

    1. Ha Ha Nivedita :) I feel you, this is not available in Australia too :(
      But may be soon, lets keep fingers crossed :)


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