Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review - The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Solid Perfume

I am not sure if I like this product or not.. I love the soft and subtle smell of 'The Body Shop White Musk Libertine', but at the same time I feel there is no scent at all..I mean even after dabbing the perfume liberally at all my pulse points, if you stand near me, probably you will not even know I am wearing any fragrance ...Although I do smell it when I sniff my wrist ..

So lets move on to the good and the bad of the product ..

The Good
  • Cute and convenient packaging for on the go
  • Soft and subtle scent 
  • Will last long 

The Bad
  • It has shimmer, which does not blend and stays on the skin
  • Not enough fragrance
  • Unhygienic as it comes in a pot, stick would have been better

The Price

19.95 AUD

Where to Buy
The Body Shop

Have you tried this ? Do you like it ? I definitely want to try the EDT of this as  I love the fragrance..


  1. i guess this product will always have mixed reviews but then i think it very practical for travelling !

    1. yes, it completely wins for practicality, I even like the smell.. Its just not enough :(

  2. I face the same problems with L'Occitane solid perfumes. I guess no solid perfume will have good staying power. They are good only for layering over EDP/EDT.

    1. Oh I guess it is a solid perfume problem probably :(. This is the first I ave tried so don't know much, but ya layering sounds good, thanks Dollie.

  3. wow! i would love to get it. nice review Saumya
    feel like sniffing it

    1. thanks Navneet, do sniff it next time you visit your local TBS and decide for yourself ..
      I believe you are a new visitor to my blog. Welcome :)

      hoping to see you more often ..

  4. oops! shimmer which doesn't blend :O


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