Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review - Cosmetica Manicare Brush Cleaner

I have not seen many brush cleaners at Priceline. The ones easily available are Cosmetica, Artiste and Models Prefer. 

Thank God, we have brush cleaners for spot cleaning, I cannot imagine myself doing the whole soaking, washing and rinsing thing everytime I wanted to clean my brush. 

That being said, Deep Cleaning your brushes should never be ignored and should always be done. I use shampoo and olive oil to deep clean my brushes.

The Good
  • Quick fix to clean your brushes. Does the job pretty well. 
  • Comes with a spray - No wastage of product
  • Easily available

The Bad 
  • Has a strong smell because of the alcohol
  • Could have been cheaper  

The Price 
Around 15 AUD

Where to Buy
Priceline, Target, etc. 

Do you know any other brush cleaners apart from the ones I mentioned ? 


  1. This sounds great! I'll definitely have to pick some up next time I'm in Priceline xx


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