Monday, September 16, 2013

Manicure Monday - OPI Pink Flamenco

I am no longer an OPI Virgin ..This Manicure Monday features OPI Pink Flamenco, a fun, bright magenta pink shade, perfect to get rid of Monday blues.

When I was standing at the OPI counter at the Singapore airport, I was like a child in the candy shop, absolutely clueless about what to pick as I wanted it all :)..OPI Pink Flamenco, is what came home with me..

OPI Pink Flamenco is a gorgeous, bright pink colour, beautiful creamy formula, absolutely dream to apply ..

What can I say, the first impressions of the OPI Nail Lacquer are mind blowing ! Its a bit early to give the detailed review, but I will keep you guys posted.

I am wearing two coats of OPI Pink Flamenco, topped with OPI Rapid dry coat, we will see how well it lasts ..That's it for today.

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  • Fragrance Fridays - I am starting a new section called 'Fragrance Fridays' and it will be featuring products whose fragrance I am smitten by


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