Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday's Meal of the Day (MOTD) - Steamed Lentis & Saute Mushrooms

This Monday's Meal of the Day (MOTD) is Steamed Split yellow lentils(dal) & Saute Mushrooms .. Protein packed meal, good for vegans ..

Recipe for Mushrooms
This mushroom recipe is very special as this is the recipe of my dear friend who is a wonderful cook

Button mushrooms, chilli flakes, black pepper, salt, dried mango powder, oregano
How to 
Heat 1 tbsp oil and add chopped mushrooms to it and saute for a while. Add the seasoning (salt, black pepper, chilli flakes, dried mango powder and oregano). Add seasoning as per your taste. I usually add more of chilli flakes and dried mango powder. Saute until done.
Recipe for Steamed Lentils
I make this in the pressure cooker, its faster, gets done in two whistles 

Split yellow lentils, salt, red chilli powder, water to cook
For tempering - asafoetida , cumin seeds, oil
How to 
Heat some oil in the pressure cooker, add asafoetida and cumin seeds when the oil is hot. Add the lentils (with water) to the tempering and add salt and red chilli powder as per taste. Close the cooker and wait for two whistles. The lentils should be parboiled and seperate and not mashed. The water to lentil proportion is usually 2 1/2 : 1. You can drain excess water is required.
 Hope you enjoyed this Monday's Meal of the Day..

PS - I am not very good at writing and following recipes. I have now added them to MOTDs as they are requested. Thanks. 


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