Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review - Nair Sensitive Precision Facial Hair Removal Cream

Today I am reviewing the 'Nair Sensitive Precision Facial Hair Removal Cream'. Let me start the review by saying that I have Normal to dry skin, so I cannot vouch about how the product works for sensitive skin. I have been using this cream for nearly a year now.

The Good
  1. Easy to apply with the applicator
  2. Does not make the skin dark or hair hard
  3. Does not burn or give rashes (for my skin type)
  4. Removes hair easily, fuss free
  5. Affordable (under 12$)
  6. Easily available
  7. Little goes a long way

The Bad
  1. Has the typical hair removal cream smell, does not bother me much but can be a problem for people sensitive to smell. 

    Have you used this cream before ? How do you do your upper lip at home ?


  1. I wax my upper lip but this could be a good alternative! xx

    1. Somehow I am not able to gather the courage to wax myself ..

  2. Never tried using the product and anyways thanks for sharing.

    Find out more: Laser Hair Removal

  3. I actually do not like nair hair remover products, as it burns my skin and leave black spot.I trust in wax and veet(in case if have no time).Thanks for the review..xoxo

    1. Oh thats sad to know :( ya different products work different for different people, you really cannot predict .. Wax is the best way I believe to do at home ..somehow I just cannot manage to do it ..But back in India I was always into threading ...

  4. I too have normal to dry skin. The only difference is that when I used this product it irritated my skin and for 2 or 3 days I was walking around with little red bumps on my upper lip. And after that was over it started to peel from how dry it was. /: Anyways I now refuse to ever use any of these hair removal creams. I'm sticking to waxing. Well for now anyways. :)

    1. oh thats really sad to know Lisa :(, yes you never how products will work for different people, n yes waxing or threading is the best ..


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