Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lush Mini Haul !

I have a haul post today .. Its a Lush Mini Haul. I am very excited to try these products out as I hauled at Lush for the first time ..

  1. Jumping Juniper Solid Shampoo for oily hair - I have heard lots of good reviews about it, so I thought I should give this a go.
  2. Soak and Float Anti dandruff Solid Shampoo - I am having some scalp issues these days, dandruff, flakiness, etc so I thought I would use this shampoo in rotation with Jumping Juniper.
  3. Ambrosia Shaving Cream - for the husband - I was hauling so I decided to pick something for the husband to make him happy :)
  4. Snake Oil Treatment - I am having some scalp issues these days, dandruff, flakiness, etc. I will use this with the Soak and Float shampoo.
  5. Jungle Conditioner - Just got this because it smells heavenly

    Are you into LUSH ? Have you tried any of these products, if yes, did they work for you ?


  1. nice haul ya!never tried lush :( will wait for your reviews... these products sound interesting, and i'm definitely tempted:)

    1. Thanks Ritu :) will review once I have used them enough ..

  2. I love Lush products! I love their solid soaps and one of their hair mask, I don't remember the name atm lol

    1. Lol, me just getting into Lush, but ya enjoying these products at the moment n planning to haul more in future :)


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