Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Hair Story Before & After - Jo Bella Review

 For a change, today I have a hair post. I got my hair cut and highlighted yesterday. 

I bought a voucher on Ouffer for a cut, color, style for 59 $ to be used at Jo Bella, Broadway. I wanted to share my voucher story and experience with you.

Probably you cannot make much of  a difference in my Before and After pics, that is because I was not aiming for one. Talk about being in a hairstyle rut, I know I have definitely been in one since the past twelve years or more. I was just looking at getting my hair trimmed cos they were in a bad shape so they could look more healthier. I got minimalistic layers and subtle highlights. I wanted my hair to look natural. I could get half head foils as per my voucher and that what I decided on ..

My hair with subtle highlights - Half Head foils

 So I happen to buy this voucher in a rush rush and did not manage to do much research before buying it. So when I finally decided to avail my voucher, I was just browsing for Jo Bella reviews and I read all sort of horrible reviews and I was shit scared. All reviews ranging from people not knowing how to cut hair plus charging them over and above the voucher. I was damn scared. Also to be mentioned that, I could see good beauty reviews for the salon but no good hair reviews.

As soon as I entered the salon I was greeted by smiling staff and was asked to wait. The stylist named 'Michele' attended to me and checked with me on how I wanted my hair to be cut. She listened to me patiently and I was happy with the results. That's what a happy customer wants ..

And I made it clear to her that I want everything regular to be done on my hair as per the voucher cos I don't want to pay more than what I had already paid for. 

Coming to the color part I mentioned that I wanted highlights, done on my hair, at the same time I wanted it to look natural so I wanted to play with smaller strands of hair. 

Well I must say that I am pretty happy with the output :) If it was not something mindblowingly good, it was definitely not bad and that was what I was actually scared of. I read all bad reviews on the internet but since I had a pretty okay experience, I wanted to write this review. I don't know if it was a one off experience or so but I can only talk about what I experienced.. I would probably want to go there again as well may be for a cut or definitely for mani..

So all in all I would like to point the good part
  • I was not overcharged because I guess I made it clear to them from the beginning
  • They listened to what I wanted 
  • Did not reduce the length of my hair dramatically like a lot of people do 
  • Friendly staff

    Do you buy hair deals vouchers ? Have you had a good experience with deals vouchers


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Preetha, glad you liked it :)

  2. Sometimes a subtle difference is all you need - you've got such glossy, healthy looking hair anyway - hair envy from me!

  3. I like your highlights! They're subtle and classy!

    1. Thanks, glad u like them .. thanks for stopping by my blog .. would love to see you back ..

  4. I actually like the subtle highlights, and honestly, if it's a place you've never been too, it's always a smart move to go for simpler stuff. Because, if they can't do the simple stuff like trim your hair or give subtle highlights then it means they're pretty crap at the bigger stuff. Love the end result!

    1. thanks :) .. i totally agree am happy that i managed to gt it right..

  5. Actually you made a really smart move by going for the simpler things especially to a place you've never tried before. My principal is, if they can't do the simple things like subtle higlights and a trim, then it means they're crap a the bigger stuff. Also, good thinking on letting know EXACTLY what you're after without having to pay extra. Love the end result!!

  6. your hair looks so amazing! it suits you really well :)

    1. thanks Christine :) n thanks for stopping by .. hope to see you more often ..

  7. Replies
    1. wow thanks a lot Maryam .. you are two sweet..


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