Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sally Hansen HD Nail Color - Digital

Sally Hansen HD Nail Color in Digital is a gorgeous hot pink shade with a silvery & blue shimmer. This is my first at Sally Hansen nail polishes and I am happy with both, the color and the shine.

The color comes up well with 2-3 coats. They have 16 pretty shades to choose from.I don't remember the exact price but I guess it retails for around $17 AUD.


  1. wooooooww.... loved the color.. :)

  2. nice colour! They are so pricey tho! You can get OPI for $20... I always wanted one of this ranges products..might go try it :)

    great review

  3. @Artist By Design : thanks ..ya they are pretty good ..worth a try .. but ya very expensive ..


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