Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Diva Haul !!

Hello ladies,

There is a 'Yay everything $5 sale' going on at Diva, so I shopped, shopped and shopped.The sale is on selected items.You can find your closest Diva store at the below link : 

Below are the pics of my loot !! enjoy ..

Yay for the Diva Sale ..

Earrings ..

Bracelets ..

Chains ..

Rings ..

Hope u guys enjoyed my haulage. So did you shop from Diva ?


  1. i loved the earrings and finger rings a looooot..

  2. :) thanks a lot .. me loving them too ..

  3. OMG! I went crazy for Diva jewellery too during that sale! Ended up with so much jewellery which I absolutely LOVE. So glad Diva did that sale because ive stocked up lol. You must live in Australia then! Hello fellow Aussie.

    Great blog :) Would love to see more reviews!

    Following you now :)

  4. I love Diva sales - I go a little crazy. hahah
    The necklaces are gorgeous. x

  5. @Angela : me too !! i was like a woman on a mission and bought so much but am happy now though wasn't able to avail the 4 for $10 sale :(

    @ArtistByDesign : Me too ..ya I am based in Sydney ..what about you? Even I bought so much that I had to buy a set of drawers for my necklaces & bracelets ..lol!


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